Integrating Organizational Leaders and Enterprise Coaches

The workshop is designed for mixing experienced leaders and experienced coaches in a way that draws upon each strength and caters to each of their needs for growth. By combining both in a single workshop, participants engage with each other to learn the strengths of the others - growing both leaders and coaches. As described by participants of this workshop...

"This wasn't training, it was an experience. We were never taught at, we were engaged in a learning experience in which we both participated and contributed. I have never been so engaged and learned so much for two and a half days."

Understanding that any approach to change only works in the context of the organization in which you are applying it. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, this workshop centers on a culturally-sensitive approach to leadership and change.

Organizational cultures have different and at times opposing value systems in which adapting agile practices will be significantly impacted. Understanding these cultures and how they impact the leaders influence provides a pragmatic approach to apply.