Your First Step: Awareness of a new Path

Every journey requires an AHA! first step to create the awareness and understanding that there is even a journey out there for you. This Certified Agile Leadership Workshop provides the awareness of the path and your potential starting point on that path. 

Agile Leadership is not something that can be fully learned and practiced in any single education session. Rather, it will require continued learning and practice to develop into an effective agile leader. However, this workshop represents the starting (or reorientation) point on your journey.

Key Modules Explored in the workshop

  • Context for Agility - Participants take a historical tour of management styles and industry trends driving the need for increased creativity and agility.
  • Leadership Maturity  - Participants explore and self-assess their leadership maturity and its relation to increased creativity and agility for improved outcomes.
  • Neuroscience of Leadership - Participants delve into the fundaments of brain research from threats on status, autonomy, fairness and change and how leaders can improve outcomes through cognitive responses.
  • Catalyst Conversations - Participants learn and practice a simple 5-step technique to reduce threats, increase creative outcomes, and empower others in any conversation, team meeting or organizational initiative.
  • Organizational Culture - Participants examine the Competing Values Framework, and organizational culture diagnostic, to better understand organizational values and their impact on change and agility.
  • Organizational Change - Participants walk through 3 interconnected change models to better understand the organization as a complex adaptive system and how to guide change that sticks.
  • Organizational Case Studies - Participants explore course-led and participant shared case studies to evaluate governance, metrics, and structures which impede or strengthen organizational agility.