Leaders participating in this program can expect to learn across all four dimensions of the agile leadership compass, including...

Agile Context-Focused Learning

  • Economic and market factors that have led to the rise of Agile approaches.
  • Complexity and uncertainty of work and how that drives the need for an agile approach.
  • Historical management trends and their fit with the business environments of their time. 
  • Increasing employee engagement and their focus on customers to improve satisfaction and outcomes.

Leadership-Focused Learning

  • Leadership mindset shifts required to effectively lead in an agile context.
  • Leadership development framework aligned with Agile thinking and driving effectiveness.
  • Seeking and Incorporating feedback that improves your ability to inspect and adapt your own behavior.
  • Coaching approach which integrates alternative perspectives, engages others, and improves outcomes.

Organizational-Focused Learning

  • Organizational challenges faced when undertaking Agile more broadly.
  • Increasing safety, trust and collaboration between and across teams.
  • Organizational cultures, structures and governance and how they relate impede or enhance agility.
  • Case studies of organizations that effectively use Agile to run their business.

Change-Focused Learning

  • Organizations as complex adaptive systems where change is always present and dynamic leadership is required
  • Organizational metrics which align to agile thinking, or impede it, and how they impact behaviors and results.
  • Change management approaches aligned with ongoing change and organizational agility.
  • Identify and reduce bottlenecks, impediments, and overall friction in an organization.